Vibe Jewelry’s Signature Designs

Designs infused with the island life!

Experience the artistry of Vibe Jewelry, meticulously crafted with sterling silver, 14K gold, and adorned with beautiful gemstones. Our collection showcases timeless styles that celebrate the vibrant history and culture of the Caribbean. Each design narrates a unique story, allowing you to carry a piece of paradise with you. Continue reading to learn more about some of our signature design details and the meaning behind them.

The Hook

The signature bracelet of the Caribbean.

The Hook is a classic Caribbean design worn by islanders for decades. The most traditional is the Caribbean Hook which has a distinctive “C” hook clasp which symbolizes unity among all islands. The St. John Hook features a “J” hook clasp that is designed to pay homage to the beautiful island where both of our flagship stores are located. In addition, there is the Fish Hook made for lovers of all things nautical which symbolizes love and hope.

In the spirit of Caribbean tradition, wear the hook turned toward your heart to signify existing love, or outward if you are open to new love or energies. If you are interested in learning more about the tradition of the hook, explore our History Of The Hook Bracelet blog.

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The Hook Bracelet, 3mm

The Petroglyph

A symbol found only in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.

The petroglyph, a distinct feature on every piece of VIbe Jewelry, serves as an enduring homage to Caribbean tradition. These rock carvings, located in St. John, are believed to have been created by the Taino natives. Alongside the petroglyphs, there are carvings of faces and a few other symbols that are yet to be understood, sparking theories that this site may have functioned as a place of worship for maintaining communication with their ancestors. To witness these symbols firsthand, venture along the Reef Bay Trail in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. Explore our blog for insights on navigating this trail effortlessly and discovering the intriguing history behind these petroglyphs.

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Petroglyph Ring with 14K Wraps

St. John Coordinates

Keep the island close to your heart.

These styles were designed to commemorate the cherished moments you've created on the island. Whether exploring the pristine beaches, embarking on vibrant adventures, or simply basking in the beauty of St. John, this collection offers pieces that serve as timeless reminders of your unforgettable experiences. Tailored for the entire family, the St. John coordinates encapsulate the spirit of togetherness. Let the whole clan share in the joy by adorning the coordinates, transforming them into wearable tokens of collective memories.

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St. John Coordinates Medallion Pendant
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St. John Coordinates Cuff, 3mm
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Spinner Ring with St. John Coordinates

Sea Turtles

Symbolizing endurance, longevity, and protection.

Embodying the beauty of majestic sea turtles, these styles perfectly capture their grace. For those acquainted with the U.S. Virgin Islands, the profound influence of these creatures on the community is undeniable. Adorning yourself with sea turtle jewelry becomes a meaningful connection to nature, serving as a constant reminder to preserve marine life and cherish the ocean’s these animals call home.

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Turtle Drop Earrings
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Turtle Hook Bracelet with Larimar

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Dive into Vibe Jewelry, where every piece tells a story, and discover the allure that has made these our most cherished creations. Indulge in sophistication, embrace the spirit of the Caribbean, and elevate your look with our best selling styles featuring all of our signature details.