Our Commitment

Our mission extends far beyond creating jewelry that uplifts; it's about nurturing our community, protecting Mother Earth, and empowering those around us.

Read on to learn about our mission to create a better world through our collective efforts and charitable partnerships.

Women Empowerment

Social Equity & Inclusion

Mother Earth

Our Giving Pillars:

Women Empowerment

As a women-owned business with a predominantly female staff, we are dedicated to initiatives that uplift women and strengthen their independence, success, and well-being.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Inspired by the rich cultural diversity of the U.S. Virgin Islands and our team, we support initiatives that foster equity and address social and economic inequalities locally and across the globe.

Mother Earth

Based in the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands, we are deeply aware of the environmental challenges our planet faces today. Our charitable efforts focus on protecting our island home and giving back to Mother Earth.


Proudly women-owned and women-led, Vibe Jewelry was founded by two best friends with a shared goal of one day starting a sister foundation that uplifts women and inspires future generations.

Women Leading the Way

Our founders, Osa and Jen, started Vibe Jewelry with the shared vision of one day launching a sister foundation to support women worldwide. Our commitment to this goal remains today.

We are deeply committed to empowering women and fostering an inclusive environment where women can thrive. As a women-owned business with a largely female-driven team, we understand the importance of creating opportunities for women to achieve their full potential. Our dedication to women empowerment is reflected in our support for initiatives that that uplift women and strengthen their independence, success, and well-being.


People are at the heart of Vibe. We celebrate diversity and foster inclusivity in every facet of our organization, ensuring that our values of equity and respect are reflected in everything we do.

Unity in Diversity

Our team is a true melting pot of cultural backgrounds. We celebrate this diversity and strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected. We value kindness, collaboration, and empathy, and believe that fostering the free exchange of ideas strengthens our community and enhances our collective success.

The USVI faces unique social vulnerability and economic inequality challenges. Poverty, under-resourced educational systems, and limited access to healthcare are significant issues that impact the communities of the islands. Additionally, the region is susceptible to natural disasters which disproportionately affect the most vulnerable populations​​. We’re committed to supporting local initiatives that address these challenges and aim to help our community become more resilient and empowered in the face of adversity.

Our small, diverse & mighty team

2 Female Founders

85% Female Staff

15% Male Staff

6 Nationalities

4 Timezones

24-60 Years Old


Our deep connection to the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands drives our commitment to protecting and giving back to the environment.

Protecting Our Home

Witnessing the firsthand impacts of climate change, such as rising sea levels, increased hurricanes, and marine debris, fuels our determination to support Mother Earth. We're committed to promoting initiatives that help offset our environmental footprint and keep our islands pristine.

How we strive to make a difference:

Preserving Paradise: Two-thirds of St. John is protected national parkland, surrounded by a stunning coral reef national monument. We support these vital areas that sustain our islands' unique ecosystems.

Waste Not, Want Not: We strive to eliminate unsustainable materials where possible and minimize waste by finding new life for rejected, overstocked, and broken items.

Community Champions: We partner with local environmental organizations and actively participate in community events such as beach clean-up days.