Join Vibe Jewelry on our mission to drive change through promoting equality, diversity, and opportunity for women everywhere.

Why it matters to us

At Vibe Jewelry, women's empowerment is not only a core value, it's woven into every aspect of our business. Our founders, Jen and Osa, are shining examples of the strength and determination that women possess. Their journey to entrepreneurship serves as a testament to the power of women to overcome hardship and pave their own paths.

We are proud of our commitment to giving back to the community and supporting local organizations that share our values. We believe that by empowering and supporting other women, we can create positive change and work towards the common goal of creating a world where women can achieve their dreams and pursue their passions without fear or limitations.

We hope that our jewelry inspires women to feel confident and empowered, and we are honored by those who choose to join our community and share this passion.

We launched our redesigned online store In honor of International Women's Day 2023

As a women-owned brand, we have always taken pride in being approachable, uplifting, and inspiring, while staying true to our values of authenticity, awareness, and progressiveness.

We aim to highlight those values as well as the beautiful island and community that brought us together, and to create a space that is not only enjoyable to shop, but one that celebrates the strengths and beauty of the women that inspire us.

We are female warriors. We stand united with every woman in this world. We believe in equal rights, in the power of personal choice and in the freedom of individual expression.

We are on a mission. To inspire. To uplift. To empower women to trust their inner voice. To allow their beauty to shine and to find the courage to stand up for themselves wherever needed. To claim their strength, share in love and merge in joy.

We are heroines. An abundance of divine female energy. Together we will continue to pursue equality for all.