History of the Hook Bracelet

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Whether worn by itself or in a stack, the hook bracelet always makes a statement. This island-inspired style is a Vibe Jewelry classic. The best part about wearing this design is that there is a much loved tradition and meaning behind it. Wearing the hook bracelet will not only look stylish, but also make you feel positive island vibes wherever you go! Continue reading to learn a little bit more about the origin, meaning and tradition behind the hook.

Origin of the Hook Bracelet

The legend of the hook bracelet originates in the Caribbean as an old fisherman's tale.

The hook bracelet is a tradition that is recognized all over. While there are many different stories that people have tied to the hook, the most well known and a favorite of ours is the story of the fishermans wives:

The original hook bracelets were handcrafted by the wives of fishermen, using their husbands fishing lures. These hook bracelets were known to be symbolic of good luck. While the men journeyed far off to sea, the wives would wear the hooks facing their hearts to ensure their love's safe arrival home.

A Symbol Of Love

Where does your heart lie?

Even now, which way you wear your hook bracelet has a significant meaning. If you have love in your life or you are happy with the current energies in your life, then you would face your hook inwards, towards your heart. If you are open to new love or energies, then you would face your hook outwards. Also, it is often said that being gifted a hook bracelet by a loved one at the start of a new relationship is good luck. 

If you have a child in your life, the hook bracelet is the perfect meaningful gift. Children are meant to wear their hook bracelets facing in as a symbol of their heart belonging to their parents and family.

The Tradition

You will find many VI residents rocking the hook!

When visiting the USVI, you will notice that many locals have a stack of hook bracelets from a multitude of local designers across the Virgin islands. The West Indian tradition of wearing bracelets and cuffs is traced back to the culture’s African roots. The jewelry that was worn was representative of different symbols for the wearer, so it is no surprise that one of their most famous and well-known traditions is the Hook Bracelet. The symbol of the hook is one of love, positivity and loyalty; three traits you will find in abundance in the Virgin Islands!

 Vibe Jewelry: The Different Hooks

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At Vibe Jewelry, we have three different types of hook bracelets; the St. John hook, the Caribbean hook, and the Fish hook. First, the St. John hook, which is made to represent the love we have for the island of St. John. Both of our Vibe Jewelry flagship stores are located in the heart of Cruz Bay, St. John. Learn more about our store locations here. Next, the Caribbean hook which is well-loved across all of the Caribbean islands and is the most traditional of them all. Finally, the Fish hook has a more masculine look and is made for lovers of all things nautical!

Now that you know a little more about each different hook bracelet, which one will you choose?

The St. John Hook:

The Caribbean Hook:

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The Hook Bracelet, 2mm

The Fish Hook:

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Adopted as a symbol of unity and love, the hook bracelet has been worn for many years by islanders living in the Caribbean. Take the beautiful USVI with you wherever you go when you wear this eye-catching style! When wearing the hook bracelet, remember the thoughtful traditions and meaning:

  • The hook bracelet originates in the Caribbean as an old fisherman's tale.
  • Wear the hook facing in to represent love in your life.
  • Wear the hook facing out to show you are open to new love.
  • Children wear the hook facing in to symbolize the love for their parents. 
  • Vibe Jewelry has three different hooks to choose from; the J hook, C hook and Angler hook.

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