JEWELRY Inspired By The Ocean

A woman wears ocean inspired jewelry next to the ocean.

Embrace the natural beauty of the island.

Every Vibe Jewelry piece is inspired by the beauty of the Virgin Islands. The journey began when the founders of Vibe Jewelry, Jen and Osa, discovered their shared love for the landscape and rich culture of the islands. Through this connection came their passion for designing unique ocean inspired jewelry. From stunning ocean rings to the masculine fish hook bracelets, take a little bit of the island wherever you go! 

Ocean Jewelry:

Sea Turtles

For those who wander but are not lost!

A female hand wearing ocean inspired bracelets and other jewelry.

Sea turtles are synonymous with the Caribbean and are known as ancient mariners. They enjoy spending most of their lives as lone wanderers. The charming sea turtles found on St. John are what inspired this collection. If you have visited the island, they are the perfect reminder of your time spent swimming with these fun creatures! Getting a glimpse of an endangered sea turtle is truly an unforgettable experience!

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Sea Turtle Studs
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Turtle Hook Bracelet with Larimar

Ocean Jewelry:

The Fishhook

For the man in your life (or yourself!)

A man's hand wearing ocean fishhook bracelets.

Vibe Jewelry’s fishhook bracelets and pendants are uniquely designed. They are also known as “angler hooks.” They are part of the nautical jewelry collection and are definitely a conversation starter! Most of these pieces feature our popular pirate texture which gives the jewelry an oxidized “weathered” look. To learn more about oxidized jewelry, check out our blog!

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Pirate Texture Fish Hook Bracelet, 10mm
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Fish Hook Pendant

Ocean Jewelry:

Reef Texture

Shop with a purpose!

A closeup of a woman wearing a necklace from the ocean reef collection.

The Ocean Reef Collection was first introduced in 2019 and has since become a Vibe Jewelry favorite! The styles are stunning and these coral reef-inspired designs help support coral conservation through the University of the Virgin Islands Center of Marine and Environmental Studies program. Shop any of these pieces and a portion of the proceeds will go towards helping this awesome program as well as Vibe’s sponsored coral trees and nurseries!

Ocean Jewelry:


The Caribbean gem!

Closeup of a female hand in a field of flowers, wearing ocean inspired Larimar stones.

The Larimar stone is featured in many of Vibe Jewelry’s designs. It is a beautiful blue stone that reflects the colors of the Caribbean ocean. With every design featuring the Larimar stone, you will notice that the markings and shades vary as each stone is hand cut creating its own unique character. When wearing this stone in its natural form, it is known to be a way to promote calmness in your life.

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Lagoon Double Stone Hinge Bracelet
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Sea Foam Larimar Pendant


Best Selling Ocean Inspired Jewelry

The vibrant energy of the Virgin Islands continues to inspire us everyday!

We hope that with each and every Vibe Jewelry piece, we are able to capture the spirit of the islands. Whether you live here on the island or far far away, when wearing one of our designs, you will feel the awesome island vibes!

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