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Oxidize Sterling Silver

Add another shade to your jewelry collection!

Oxidized silver jewelry has a dark, weathered look that has definitely become a trend in the jewelry world! If you are looking for a more edgy vibe, oxidized silver is perfect! While oxidized jewelry is easy to take care of, surprisingly, the oxidation can wear off over time. From day-to-day wear, the darkness may begin to fade, which can create your own personalized look! However, bringing more darkness is also easily fixable at home. 

What Is Oxidized Silver?

Oxidized silver is also known as “blackened silver.”

Featuring the St. John Coordinates C Hook bracelet, one of Vibe Jewelry’s oxidized styles.

Oxidized silver is created from .925 sterling silver which is chemically more suitable compared to real silver. If you are interested in learning the difference between real and sterling silver, check out our blog. In order to get an oxidized look, the outer surface is darkened using a chemical process that speeds up the natural tarnishing process. 

Contrary to popular belief, although it is called oxidized silver, the process does not involve oxygen but rather the addition of sulfides. Since this process only involves the outer surface, the internal properties or colors of the metal are not affected. This is why the oxidation can fade over time. Keep reading to learn tips on how to oxidize sterling silver at home.

Vibe’s Pirate and Marine Texture

Discover styles inspired by the islands that are made with oxidized silver.

Vibe Jewelry’s oxidized sterling silver pieces feature unique textures that add a little extra pizazz to an already bold look. These two textures are pirate and marine. The pirate texture is inspired by a long day of sailing the Caribbean Seas and looks great paired with 14K gold details. The marine texture resembles the sunken vessels that have eroded under water over time. Read our blog about Vibe’s different jewelry textures to learn more.

Pirate Texture

Marine Texture

How To Oxidize Silver

Whether you are looking to oxidize fresh sterling silver or re-oxidizing a piece, these tricks will work great!

Wearing a layered chain look with the St. John Coordinates Pendant in the pirate texture.

Trick #1

Liver of sulfur is a mixture of potassium thiosulfate, potassium polysulfide, and potassium sulfide. If you are looking to start the oxidation process yourself, you can purchase a gel with these components and you just need to add hot water. Once you have this mixture, drop your silver items into it until it turns to the color you want. Make sure to not leave the items in too long and be in a well ventilated room to ensure the oxidation will look even. 

Trick #2

If you do not want to purchase anything extra to oxidize your silver, there is a way to make it happen with objects you most likely have at home! It might sound very strange, but boiling eggs can actually oxidize your silver. All you have to do is put one or two eggs in a pot of water and bring to a boiling temperature. Once twelve minutes have passed, take the eggs out, let them cool, de-shell them and put them in a bag. Next, smash the eggs in the bag until they are in fairly small pieces. Doing this will release sulfur which will oxidize your silver items once you place them in the bag. Leave the items in the bag for a couple of hours. The longer you keep them in contact with the eggs, the more oxidized the items will get.

Vibe Jewelry’s Best Selling Oxidized Jewelry

Stunning jewelry with an edge!

Oxidized jewelry is a unique fashion statement that is perfect for both women and men! From pendants to bracelets, rings and more, Vibe Jewelry has designer oxidized pieces. Before purchasing oxidized jewelry, remember these top tips and tricks…

  • Oxidized silver is created from .925 sterling silver.
  • Oxidation does not involve oxygen but rather the addition of sulfides.
  • The “dark” look can fade over time from day-to-day wear, but you can bring it back at home! 
  • Oxidized jewelry is the perfect unique addition to your collection.
  • Vibe Jewelry’s oxidized pieces feature an island look and feel.

Interested in shopping Vibe Jewelry’s oxidized styles? Check out our top picks below.