The Different Jewelry Textures

Learn more about Vibe Jewelry’s inspiration behind each texture used!

The entire Vibe Jewelry collection is inspired by the beautiful USVI. The initial design, the texture of the sterling silver or 14k gold, and every detail is infused with our love for the island. When taking a look through our pieces you will notice different jewelry textures like turtle, pirate, ocean reef and more! Each texture means something different to Vibe and we want to share these stories with you.

Turtle Texture

We love our sea turtles! 

The north shore pendant features the unique turtle texture.

The turtle textured pieces are a customer favorite, and for good reason! This finish is inspired by the sea turtles of the USVI. When wearing this, you will instantly be reminded of a turtle’s shell. This texture gives the jewelry a unique Caribbean inspired style and if you look closely, you may even find the St. John petroglyph hidden within the details.

Pirate Texture

Leave the polishing rag at home!

This angler’s hook bracelet is made with the bold pirate texture and features gold accents.

The pirate texture is designed to give your sterling silver jewelry a weathered look. This is inspired by a long day of sailing the Caribbean Seas with the pirates. It is perfect for men and women who don’t want to worry about polishing their piece. A tip from us here at Vibe, try pairing a pirate textured piece with solid 14k gold, it really makes the piece pop!

Ocean Reef Texture

Sea fans, brain coral, and leaf coral OH MY!

This staple reef and petros ring is covered in the ocean reef texture.

The ocean reef texture is inspired by the beautiful ocean reefs found in the U.S. Virgin Islands. This finish was first introduced to Vibe Jewelry in 2019 to help with coral conservation efforts made by the University of the Virgin Islands’ Center of Marine and Environmental Studies program. A portion of the proceeds goes towards helping this program, Friends of Virgin Islands National Park, as well as Vibe’s sponsored coral trees and sea fans! 

Marine Texture

In honor of our Soldiers of the Sea!

This Caribbean hook bracelet features the marine texture.

The sterling silver marine texture is unique and is a more rustic and masculine style. It is meant to resemble the sunken vessels that have eroded under water over time. However, these pieces look great on anyone! The best part is that there is no need to worry about the dings, nicks, or dents. This is the perfect texture for those who never want to take their jewelry off because it requires little to no maintenance. 

Hammered Texture

Shimmer like the ocean’s surface!

Both the coordinates cuff bracelet and buckle bracelet are made with a hammered texture.

The hammered texture is used on many of our sterling silver pieces. This classic method is inspired by the shimmering movement of the ocean. Also, the sunlight reflects beautifully off this finish the same way it does the water. Also, the fun thing about sterling silver is that the more it is worn, the less it needs to be polished. That makes these pieces surprisingly low maintenance! Here and there, give it a little buff with a polishing cloth to give your piece that extra sparkle.

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Which texture will you choose?

Vibe Jewelry creates unique pieces inspired by the beauty of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Each and every detail resembles a part of the place we love most. Also, every jewelry texture has a story behind it…

  • The turtle texture resembles the sea turtle's shell.
  • The pirate texture represents a long day on the Caribbean sea.
  • The ocean reef texture is inspired by the beautiful USVI ocean reefs. 
  • The marine texture is reminiscent of the sunken vessels that have eroded over time.
  • The hammered texture resembles the shimmering of the ocean water.

No matter which jewelry texture you like best, all of our Vibe Jewelry pieces go great together. Pairing shining silver or gold with a pirate or marine textured style creates an eye catching look we are obsessed with! Start your Vibe Jewelry collection now by shopping some of our best sellers!