Discover how our pieces accompany you on breathtaking adventures, accentuate life's celebratory moments, and add a touch of Caribbean magic to everyday life. Here, our pieces become more than accessories—they become part of your story. So, kick back, relax, and enjoy these glimpses into the Vibe lifestyle!

Adventures with Vibe

Unleash your inner adventurer and join us as we explore some of the world's most breathtaking sceneries. Whether it's hiking the illustrious Reef Bay, sailing the Caribbean Sea, or spending a day at the stunning Sapphire Beach, jewelry from Vibe can always be your faithful companion.

Hike Reef Bay with Vibe

Traverse the iconic trails of St. John, leading to the famous petroglyphs - a vital source of inspiration for Vibe. Join us in this nature-filled journey that bridges the gap between history and the present

Vibe Jewelry Takes On The Caribbean Sea

Experience the joy of basking in the Caribbean Sea's azure waves, adorned with Vibe Jewelry.

Vibe Jewelry With Golden Arch Ranch At Sapphire Beach

Join us for an equestrian adventure at St. Thomas's Sapphire Beach, a day of exploration complemented by Vibe's unique pieces.

Celebrations and Milestones

Life is full of moments worth celebrating, and Vibe Jewelry is here to amplify those special times. From empowering women to celebrating love and milestones, we're committed to making every moment shine brighter.

Vibe Celebrates and Empowers Women

Tune into a heartfelt message from our co-founder, Osa Notting, resonating with women's pride and empowerment.

Happy International Women's Day From Vibe Jewelry

Engage with stories from women across St. John, celebrating womanhood and the inspiring women who shape our lives.

Valentines Day with Vibe Jewelry

Inspire your Valentine's Day look with Vibe Jewelry, showcasing versatile styles perfect for this day of love.

Vibe Jewelry's 18th Anniversary

Join our founders, Jen and Osa, as they share tales from Vibe's past, present, and future, marking our 18th year of existence.

Vibe Lifestyle

Welcome to the Vibe way of life - one that promotes self-care, friendship, and the joy of gifting. Immerse yourself in our stories and find your own unique Vibe.

Self Care

Immerse in a soothing morning by the pool, accentuated with Vibe Jewelry—a testament to the importance of soulful R&R.

Girls Picnic With Vibe Jewelry

Experience a beautiful picnic at Peace Hill, St. John, where friendships are solidified with matching Vibe jewelry.

Find your Vibe- Girls Day

Jump into a beach day adventure with four friends, their Vibe Jewelry catching the sun as they ride in their jeep.

Give The Gift of Vibe

Witness a heartwarming exchange between an older couple, where the gift of Vibe Jewelry serves as a symbol of their enduring love.

Handcrafted and Caribbean Inspired Vibe Jewelry

Discover the allure of Vibe Jewelry through various looks, each piece echoing the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean.