The Value of Handcrafted Jewelry

Feel the designers and artisans love and connection in each piece.

Whether you only shop for handcrafted jewelry or it is something you have picked up on vacation, most people have at least one handcrafted piece in their collection. However, not a lot of people truly understand the value of jewelry that is handmade. When wearing handmade jewelry, you can feel the love and personal connection of the artisans and designers infused in each design. Keep reading to find out more on why handcrafted jewelry is so valuable.

What Is Handcrafted Jewelry?

Shopping handcrafted jewelry is supporting real people.

Featuring Jennifer and Osa, the She-EO’s of Vibe Jewelry.

Handcrafted jewelry is just that: Jewelry made by hands rather than being mass produced by machines. Each piece is fully put together by hand, and unlike a machine, an individual can only create a finite amount. This means each piece is created with attention to detail and love.

As each piece is made by hand, no two will be 100% identical. Handmade jewelry is prone to have what we call “beauty marks,” which are minor differences when comparing one piece to another. This is also what makes handcrafted jewelry so special. 

Each piece of handmade jewelry takes much longer to produce. From the designing process to the final stages of putting the jewelry together, it can take up to a month or more to complete. We have an array of artisans that specialize in crafting different parts of our jewelry. For example, stone setting, links, and assembling the final piece. Some pieces have the hands of only one or two people and other pieces have the hands of many. When jewelry is made by hand, there is a lot of care and attention that gets put into each and every piece.

Is Handcrafted Jewelry The Real Deal?

The cream of the crop of all jewelry!

Vibe Jewelry’s best selling Three Virgins J Hook Bracelet is handcrafted with love and infused with the stories of the island.

Yes, yes, and YES! Handcrafted jewelry is the real deal! It is highly sought after and desired for its value and quality. A great deal of artistry goes into making handmade jewelry, and more often than not, the designers and artisans put lots of love into their work. This infuses the process with good vibes and positive energy. 

At Vibe Jewelry, our heartfelt jewelry is infused with love and good positive energy. We believe everything in life is energy, and our jewelry is no different! Our intention is for everyone involved in the production process to operate from the highest vibration of love and light, and in doing so, the frequency of our jewelry is just the same. We appreciate our artisans tremendously and we are very blessed to have such a positive powerhouse team to co-create with. 

From the beginning of the process, the designing, to the very end, the building of the jewelry, there is always a hand involved. Vibe’s handmade jewelry is made with high quality materials like sterling silver, 14K gold, and finished off with rhodium, a rare and expensive precious metal. Since handcrafted jewelry is made by hand, each piece is made with 100% knowledge of materials. This creates quality pieces made to last a lifetime.

what is an artisan?

The hands behind the jewelry.

Handcrafted jewelry is made with love and attention to detail.

Artisans are very skilled women and men who are experts in their craft and field. They have great knowledge of what tools to use for the purpose of achieving different looks, textures, and effects. Often designers and artisans work hand in hand. The designer gets inspired and translates these ideas to the artisans who then create the jewelry. On some occasions, the artisan is also the designer, like a one stop shop where one person does it all!

Here at Vibe Jewelry, our two SHE-EO’s, Jennifer and Osa, are also the jewelry designers! It all starts with a sketch that they share with the artisans. Next, the artisans create the first sample of the piece. Then, the back-and-forth process begins! Once the piece is perfect and aligns with their vision, they are ready to start the production process. While this all sounds fast and easy, the design process takes quite some time. Jen and Osa always want to make sure that the piece comes out just right no matter how long it takes!


A sought after staple for decades.

Fill your collection with handcrafted jewelry that will last you a lifetime!

Handcrafted jewelry is full of value and some would say even more valuable than jewelry solely produced by machines. When you purchase handmade jewelry you receive more than just a beautiful piece. You get a story, quality, and exclusivity.

When you wear handmade jewelry you are a part of the story the artisan is telling through their work. You are also wearing the dedication and positive energy that the artisan put into the jewelry. Finally, because each piece is made without the use of a machine, you are receiving a limited edition piece made by the artisan. 

Handcrafted Caribbean Jewelry

Jewelry that is infused with the beauty and energy of the island.

Vibe Jewelry is inspired by the beautiful island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Here on St. John, an island located in the Caribbean and part of the United States Virgin Islands, the designers draw inspiration from the natural beauties of the land and the sea. The vibrant greens and blues, the abundance of sea turtles, sting rays, and fish in every color, are all a part of the creative process. Even the rich history of ancestry on the island provides ideas to create heartfelt handcrafted Caribbean jewelry.

Vibe Jewelry creates pieces for just about everyone! Whether you vacation to the islands, or just want to feel like you did, putting on a piece from Vibe Jewelry will make you feel like you are enjoying one of the beautiful beaches. Shop styles that feature Larimar, a local stone, or hook bracelets, that are infused with the stories of the Caribbean islands. 

Vibe Jewelry’s Best Selling Handcrafted Styles

Vibe Jewelry is 100% handcrafted with good vibes from the Caribbean.

Handcrafted jewelry is unique and one of a kind. Vibe Jewelry strives to create pieces that hold beauty and a story. Whether you pick a handcrafted J Hook bracelet, an island inspired charm or anything in between, we hope you appreciate the time and love put into each and every piece. Also, remember these other reasons why handcrafted jewelry holds so much value:

  • Handcrafted jewelry is made by the hands of skilled artisans.
  • There is a lot of attention to detail when handcrafting jewelry.
  • Purchasing handmade jewelry is supporting real people.
  • There is always a beautiful story behind each handcrafted piece.
  • Handmade jewelry carries love, passion, and connection to the designers and artisans.

We hope this was helpful to better understand the value of handcrafted jewelry. All of Vibe Jewelry is handcrafted and every step of the jewelry making process is done with the Vibe family in mind. Check out and shop some of our best selling styles below.