The Different Hook Bracelets

An island-inspired style turned Vibe Jewelry classic.

Whether you've explored a Caribbean island, shared moments with us on St. John, U.S.V.I., or simply value jewelry with a rich narrative, our hook bracelets make a wonderful addition to your collection. With three distinct styles, there's a perfect fit for you or your special someone. Keep reading to discover the captivating story behind each bracelet.

The Hook Bracelet

The most traditional of them all.

Embraced throughout the Caribbean, the authentic Hook Bracelet boasts a distinctive "C" hook clasp symbolizing unity among all islands. The most well-known story tied to the hook bracelet is that they were originally handcrafted by the wives of fishermen. These bracelets were made to be a symbol of good luck for the men who went out to sea. In hopes of their husbands returning home safely, the wives would wear the hooks facing their hearts.

This tradition endures, but the significance has evolved. Today, hook bracelets symbolize the love present in one's life. Wear the hook turned toward your heart to signify existing love, or outward if you're open to new love or energies. For a deeper dive into the origin and customs of the hook bracelet, explore our blog.

The St. John Hook Bracelet

A signature Vibe Jewelry design.

Designed in homage to the beautiful island where both of our flagship stores reside, the St. John Hook Bracelet showcases a “J” hook clasp. Wear this bracelet as a symbol of your beautiful memories on the island or one of celebrating love. This style embraces the same story as the original hook bracelet, wear the hook facing either toward or away from your heart to represent love in your life. Even if you have never visited the breathtaking island of St. John, this bracelet will add a meaningful touch to your everyday look.

The Fish Hook Bracelet

For lovers of all things nautical.

The Fish Hook Bracelet is a symbol of love and hope. The most nautical take on the hook bracelet, this design is very similar to the originals that were handcrafted by the fishermen's wives using their husbands fishing hooks. Find the Fish Hook Bracelets in sterling silver but more prevalently in oxidized sterling silver which adds to the traditional allure. 

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Take the island wherever you go!

The hook bracelet is a must have in every jewelry collection. If you are a frequent visitor of the islands or just love the tradition, feel the positive island vibes through your hook bracelet. Choose the perfect design and get hooked! When shopping, remember the differences between each style…

  • The Hook Bracelet features a “C” hook clasp to represent all of the Caribbean islands.
  • The St. John Hook Bracelet has a “J” hook clasp designed to celebrate our home island where our flagship stores reside. 
  • The Fish Hook Bracelet has a fish hook as the clasp providing a more nautical look.

Shop our full collection of hook bracelets below and find your favorites for yourself or for your loved ones!