To our Vibe community, 

Vibe is a women founded, owned and led company. Our brand is so much more than “just jewelry.” We stand for equality, freedom, personal choice, and diversity, and women empowerment as a whole is a topic very dear and near to us. 

Women empowering women is a magical thing. Together our voices are stronger. There are forces of greatness found in building community, and when women come together, mountains can be moved! 

As a women owned business, our mission to support women runs deep in our veins. It is the very foundation of our organization, the backbone of what empowers us. Our core belief that women are equals and have equal rights to self-care, self-love, and success fuels us and drives us forward. 

Our voice is loud and proud today as we stand united with women of this world. Join us in our quest to liberate women from centuries of restraints and unfairness. Help us in sharing our collective views on social media, donate to organizations supporting women, and unite with us in our ultimate goal to uplift and inspire women near and far. 

Together we have the power to create the world we want to live in.

With love, 
Jen, Osa, and the Vibe family